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Why Process Mapping needs to be considered across all departments

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Why Process Mapping needs to be considered across all departments

The role Process Mapping has in our recovery after the pandemic
Understanding your organization after COVID 

As the world slowly emerges from the shadows of COVID-19, many businesses are reviewing their operations. One of the most glaring deficiencies that have been exposed is the lack of communication and collaboration between departments. In many cases, each department is so siloed off from the others that they are effectively working in isolation. This can lead to duplication of effort, confusion over roles and responsibilities, and a general feeling of frustration among employees. The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to improve communication and collaboration across departments. By creating clear lines of communication, establishing common goals and objectives, and encouraging employees to work together, businesses can start to bridge the gap between departments – all achievable by investing in clearly mapping your internal processes. With a little effort, your business can run more smoothly and efficiently – and you can avoid the frustrating mistakes that can happen when departments are working in isolation. 

Did your procedures and processes cause roadblocks during COVID? 

If you said yes, you’re not alone. Many companies are evaluating their procedures and how they can be improved. The pandemic has highlighted areas where companies were lacking in terms of communication and coordination between departments. In many cases, this led to a situation where one department was not aware of what another department was doing, which created confusion and delays. As a result, many companies are now implementing new procedures that are designed to improve communication and collaboration between departments. By doing so, they hope to avoid the type of problems that occurred during the pandemic.  To make this process easier to define, there are process mapping tools, such as ProcessPro available to help. 

COVID highlighted just how outdated some processes and procedures were 

A study was conducted in order to understand why productivity was being lost within a company. It was discovered that insufficient knowledge of any specific procedure that involved more than one person and more than one department was the dominant cause of this loss. This extends to having a human resource who is the ‘holder of all knowledge and how-to’ on a certain process or procedure – it’s much easier to ask a person about the process than to look it up and find the answers yourself. This led to procedural documents which were old, out of date, and poorly written – none of which were identified due to no one having to review or read them. They were also assigned to a person instead of a role, which left many processes broken. In order to fix this problem, Companies are creating new procedural documents that are up-to-date and accurately describe the tasks that need to be completed, and by what role they need to be completed. They also assigned these documents to roles instead of individuals, so that any changes in personnel would not affect productivity. After implementing these changes, the company saw a significant increase in productivity. 

Enter: ProcessPro 

Too often, companies operate in silos, with little communication or collaboration between departments. This can lead to inefficiencies and duplicate efforts, as well as a sense of rivalry rather than teamwork. ProcessPro is designed to help companies overcome these challenges by providing a way to connect processes and create value streams. By mapping out the “current state” and “future state” of a company’s operations, ProcessPro provides visibility into how things are done today and how they could be done more effectively in the future. By aligning departments and processes, ProcessPro helps companies achieve greater efficiency and cost savings while also fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. 

COVID has forced organizations to take a closer look at how they function and the importance of communication between different departments. For an organization to properly recover from COVID, it is critical that all staff have accurate information and can communicate with each other effectively. Bad outcomes and staff errors can be reduced by creating a system where everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.  

Do you want departments in your company to understand the ‘bigger picture’ and interconnectivity between each department? Have you had to make any changes in your organization due to COVID? Let us know in the comments below. 




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