Take Process Mapping to the Next Level

with integrations into leading software tools
to produce predictable project and business outcomes

Microsoft Apps


Embed ProcessPro directly into Microsofts teams so your team can reference processes quickly and effectively where they need it.


Use Microsoft Excel to export and import a process, activities, tasks and assignments directly to ProcessPro… more


Embed ProcessPro or specific process maps directly into Microsoft SharePoint to take your SharePoint pages to the next level

Project Management Apps


Export your process directly into Kantata to create a new project with activities, project stages and project cards… more


Simple to use export into asana, which creates new projects, with stages and activities entirely generated from your ProcessPro process map…more


Use Smartsheet to export processes, activities, tasks and assignments directly to ProcessPro for your next project

Business Management Apps


Put your processes where your team needs them by embedding ProcessPro or specific process maps into NetSuite Dashboards… more


Make your processes easily accessible to your team by embedding ProcessPro into HubSpot so you can improve efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Laserfiche (beta)

Using ProcessPro to create process maps, you can clearly visualize the steps and decisions involved in your processes, making it easier to identify opportunities for automation. Once you have created your process maps, use the ProcessPro export to generate them into Laserfiche ready for automation.


Create a unified system and simplify your process flows with ProcessPro. Embedded in Acumatica, it provides access to valuable data across your organization, allowing teams to work together more effectively… more

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